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Dell Streak disappears from retailers, to come back in August?

I am a closet Dell Streak fan yes it’s true. I secretly long for my earliest of mobility days using the Dell Axim pocket pc’s and miss the huge community that it had. Regardless, many folks adopted the new Dell Streak 5inch Tablet/Phone and it has developed a really nice niche following as well as high profile ROM Developer for those willing and able to root the device. However, this coming from Engadget could mean for some more life in the Dell streak after all! According to their source at Dell customer service, the Dell Streak has been pulled from retail stores and sent back to Dell to receive an update. What that update is no one can be sure, but does this mean that Dell had some issues with the device and are now willing to take some responsibility for them or could this be a Gingerbread update to make the device more current? I seem to prefer the latter theory as I have never had an issue with mine and most of the forum chatter seems to agree. What I can assure you of is if in fact the Dell Streak does get an update, we can count on AT&T subscribers to the device to once again be infuriated about how long it is going to take to get an update just like the Froyo update that took forever to roll out! Granted I don’t expect a major update from the released version of Android on the Streak which was 1.6 to go smoothly, but non AT&T customers had it months before AT&T customers got theirs.

We’ll keep you posted on any new developments on the Dell Streak, but in the mean time, drop a comment if you have the Dell Streak, we would love to hear from you.