If I look for new games on my phone there’s little to talk about. Go to the online Marketplace and bam…new games. Yeah they’re only for WP8 and even though many of them could run on WP7, developers aren’t sold on supporting an OS that isn’t going to be significantly updated. Bottom line is my Lumia 900 feels more out of date than it ought to…and my gut is that Nokia learned not to announce a replacement hero device in advance to avoid cannibalizing sales so the next AT&T model will likely be announced and immediately.released (Apple style). And like a Microsoft supporter…I wait and have blind faith that the next update fulfills the promises that have been unfulfilled.


  1. Cool story bro.

    Tell me, let’s say you tried to design and sell a gizmo, which you called David K Gizmo v7.5, but only your parents bought it from you, not even your brother.

    So you go back to the drawing board, improve Gizmo with a coat of paint, call it Gizmo v12, right? With me still?

    You then guilt trip your brother into lending you money — scratch that, you threaten to sue him if he doesn’t cough up twenty bucks and sign a confidentiality agreement — which you use to go to your local Home Depot parking lot (or I suppose your local Chinatown), and offer one of them twenty bucks to run around town telling everybody that David K is selling version twelve of his David K Gizmo 7.5, all new, so new the old-ass David K Gizmo v7.5’s accessories aren’t even compatible with it. Woah my god, people start buying it including your brother even though he’s pissed you threatened him like a total dick.

    So, almost tapped out on cash because you spend your new revenue on daily trips to your local massage parlor, what would you do, focus your efforts on Gizmo v12 or try to do both v12, v15.8 and help your old David K’s Gizmo v7.5 customers (your mom and dad)? Make sense now?

    Quit bitching, dipshit.

    • Uhm…yeah but since the resolution in WP7 is also included in WP8 they just need to use the SDK to kick out a WP7 version and assuming it’s a simple game that’s it…just publish. Games that don’t require high end processors (like all these shit SIM games) haev no issues running on both OSes.
      So…I’m right and you’re wrong. There ;)

      • Okay, so let’s presume that it would take just a lunchbreak to accomplish this, wouldn’t another reason not to stay any more involved in general than really necessary with all things WP7? It was a failure, WP8 appears like it might not be a failure, and not unlike distancing WP7 from Windows Mobile by changing the name and not let cabs install and so forth, why not do the same here, if only for the sake of making WP8 appear to be distant from the thing that flopped?

        Not throwing too many customers and developers under the bus, plus the few who make up that crowd have additional pressure to get with the program and go WP8.

        While your 900 may feel more out of date than it ought to, another thing about your phone that ought to feel like something is being widely adopted. Didn’t happen, stick a fork in it, new name, try try try again.

  2. And remember, most people in the US are on 2-year contracts, so there will still be plenty of WP7s out there for at least another year and a half.

    It’s as if iOS users didn’t have an early upgrade option, and apps were coming out only for the 5, and wouldn’t run on the 4S. Like Siri :)

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