Cliff, you know that we know that you know so just pull the trigger and share the details man.



Reading through them (with some others) it seems that tomorrow they will tell us when devs will get Mango RTM but that shouldn’t be interpreted as meaning that tomorrow is the day devs get a download link.


  1. High five Murali! Nice! Mango RTMed, from the company who brought you the Microsoft Tax, Vista, the Kin (and other mobile platforms referred to as Other in pie charts), Powerpoint, patent trolling as a fixture of their business model and other forms of predatory litigation and anticompetitive bullying, Windows Defender, Google’s search results, …

    Reading WMPU yesterday, amused by how getting WP into the ring as a contender (which won’t happen) has become a war to them, now using military language like “boots on the ground” (reference to deploying trained WP reps to AT&T dealerships), brainstorming on Microsoft’s behalf on how to organize some sort of program that pays consumers to go door to door like Jehovah’s Witnesses to preach the good word. Why do you care so much? You’ve got your great phones with your Mango en route, I advise to just put your pride aside about achieving serious market share because it will do nothing but frustrate you no matter how positive you try to pretend you are except when you think you’re alone from people like me when you’re on WMPU.

    Among the things WMPU readers blame for the failure is tech blogs, so step your game up David K.

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