All day I hear Outlook ding when I get an email…and I hear 5 other computers with the same ding and invariably I can’t tell if it’s my computer dinging or theirs so I take a look every time. Well today that changed. I made the decision to change my PC Outlook to have the same incoming email notification sound as my phone. It makes sense – it’s unique to me yet familiar since I hear my phone dinging all day and night so now I know when I have an email and not when someone has an email. To do this, just copy the sound from your phone to your PC (it’s likely located in \Windows on your phone) and drop it anywhere in your PC (but you need it to be a .wav file). Then go to Control Panel, Sound (Hardware and Sound in W7), Change System Sounds – Sounds tab and go to New Email Notification and browse to where you put the sound file on your PC. Now you get the same ding at your desk and in your pocket. I know it’s just barely related to this site, but it made me happy so I figured I’d share.


  1. I do this for windows live messenger..but the other way around. Copy the lm_notify file to the phone. Good tip!

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