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PPC Mobility Welcomes Gil Bouhnick!

I tell you, I am thrilled to introduce a new Guest Contributing Writer here at PPC Mobility! You all know our team is pretty solid with DavidK just posting like a madman possessed! Matt (MobileMatt) Chapman posting all his Theme Goodness and Touch Pro news, and our forum moderator, tips& tricks caretaker, and newly turned writer Steve Davis keeping us up to date with news! Let’s not forget the rest of our Contributing Writers: Patrick, Kristofer, James, Greg, Raul, & Tyler!

So who is our new “Guest” Contributing Writer? Well it is none other than Gil Bouhnick over at the Mobile Spoon & Spoon Tools! Gil and I have been friends for while now and we often link our stories to each others websites. So during some conversations recently we decided to do some Guest Writing on each others websites to bring new perspectives and insights into Touch Pro, and other things Mobility! Likewise, I will be writing over at the Mobile Spoon which means I have some work to do to match the awesome photos Gil does!

So keep your eyes peeled for Gil’s and all our writers articles to make sure you are feeding your addiction to Mobility! So does that make us Mobility Pimps then?

Welcome aboard Gil!

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