Well when you’ve a Surface Pro or any other Windows 8 Laptop with multi touch screen with resolution equal to almost 2k. You could install Chrome browser and follow our awesome Doug Simmons instructions in response to this MobilityDigest Post, Microsoft Web Apps for free.

Simmons said “For all you awesome Chrome users (specifically, 23.4% of you), grab yourself this extension which when you open an email in gmail that has an attachment, next to the download and preview links you’ll have a Save to Drive thing that dumps the attachment right into your root folder on Google Drive.

And here’s one that claims to let you save to Google Drive, SkyDrive, DropBox and Box but I didn’t try it.

I’m sure IE has that sort of functionality built in though.

Oh, here’s another cool Chrome extension that lets you right click any image or the target of any link to save it to Google Drive. Handy for building up your .. stash to have with you anywhere you go if you know what I mean.”

And here is how to run Chrome Web Apps in Chrome browser without need of Chromebook.

My dear fellas unless you have tons money and your hands are itching for a 4k resolution laptop powered by a browser for HTML5 apps, you could technically use your awesome Surface Pro or any other Windows 8 laptop with close to 2k resolution and run Windows store apps, legacy Windows desktop apps, Chrome Apps, and with the help of BlueStacks, your beloved Android apps. Not only these, you could sync iPhone, iPad (with iTunes), Windows Phone and Android Phones. You also could easily integrate with iCloud, Google Drive, SktyDrive and other tons of Cloud storages easily.

The only benefit you get from a Pixel is 12 free sessions of GoGo Inflight Internet (useless unless you fly regularly), and 1 TB of 3 year could storage on Google Drive. I have shown you in different post, How to Expand Surface Storage, that you could get at least 100 GB of cloud storage with options for paid services for more.

Now if a company like BlueStacks provides a way to run millions of iOS fart apps on Windows 8 Tablets and Touch enabled laptops wouldn’t that be “that” tight feeling while standing behind a ballerina beauty who is drinking water stylishly and we are waiting for our turn to drink water from the fountain in New York Central Park on a hot summer day.

Simmons, thanks for the picture.

Now tell us what do you think about having separate Chromebook including Pixel.

Sources: Doug Simmons, diTii.com, BlueStacks


  1. Ive yet to hear a functional argument for the purchase of a pixie over anything else. Maybe it is Google’s aspirational device the way the Surface Pro & Surface RT is for Microsoft. Maybe the plan is to rapidly deploy improvements and give buyers a sense for terrific bang for their buck.

  2. That “your stash if you know what I mean” remark was taken completely out of context and I don’t know where that tasteful girly pic came from.

    Had you read the full comment, you’d have known I was referring to storing your stash of weed safely in the cloud for longterm safekeeping (the cloud precipitation moistened and keeps your bud dank and sticky icky for three free years of up to a full teranugget. SkyDrive? Yeah, if you want your indoor hydro seedless stemless kindbud into dry schwag (my man Matt knows exactly what I mean, ain’t that right).

    • Well, that is within the context only. Isn’t storing Google Weed from Google Apps and Services on Google Drive one of the functionality of Chromebook? I guess so, and you showed us how to do the same from Google’s Chrome browser from a Microsoft platform. Also I have provided another link, which talks about running Chrome Web Apps from Chrome browser on any platform including Windows and Mac. Now tell me, aren’t those two main functionalities of a Chromebook, running HTML 5 Web Apps available from Chrome Web Store and pinning them to Start page of the Chrome browser, and storing Google Weed in Cloud?

      I think it is within the context, and we could make a Windows Tablet or Windows Touch Enabled Laptop easily as a Touch enabled Chromebook and Android tablet. :D

  3. Microsoft didn’t produce a good touchscreen laptop. If/when that happens, good on Microsoft.

    Instead, Microsoft makes dorky tablets and advertises them with breakdancing to complement the hungry, hungry hippos IE commercials.

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