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Droplets Now Free On WM Marketplace

imageDroplets is a logic game for WM but really excels aesthetically while being a great challenge. You need to slide the bubbles into the other bubbles so that there’s only one left but with each hit you have to hit a bubble (you can’t just move them). It’s a nice game of skill that keeps you going and reminds me of Meon a bit in terms of addictiveness. And they’ve followed in another way as well. The app had been in Marketplace as a paid app at $2 but they’ve now added a free app with 20 levels so you can demo the game and get all addictedSmile If you liked Meon or like skill games I highly recommend you try this out. Very smooth game play, looks great and is a good challenge. If you get hooked then you’ll have to drop two big ones down to keep going:)

You can check it out here on Marketplace