So today MS announced a great way to legitimately get the GDR3 upgrade on your Windows phone and they’ve opened it up to nearly everyone. I was pumped until I saw the last nit:

– After you install a preview update, you may void any warranty from your MO and OEM. In the unlikely event you run into an issue after you apply the prerelease update, you can visit the preview program’s support forum.

Of course, that link isn’t active yet. But I recently had a hardware issue that lead to me returning my Lumia 1020. Yes, the battery was draining at a miserable rate and a hard reset did not resolve it. There was a hardware (not software) issue. So the question is, does it make sense to risk voiding your device warranty for this early access? Hard call.

I understand that I’m running a risk that there’s a software issue (that’s the nature of beta software) but risking voiding a warranty on hardware seems unwarranted (yeah I need to find a better word…oh well). Anyway, I’m leaning towards getting GDR3 and running the risk and assuming that my 1020 is Nokia (so Microsoft) and they’ll stand behind it (they do say it may void the warranty, not that it does void it). But putting official (even if beta) software on a phone should not result in voiding a hardware related warranty so this is still troubling to me. Hopefully this caveat will be removed or clarified in the future.


  1. I don’t know how its in the USA, but in Europe there have been a few cases where rooting vs. unrooted came up when an Android device was suffering from hardware issues, and basically companies are required to fix devices, no matter the software. Same will apply here, so in Europe I am confident any hardware problems will be solved, no matter the WP8 OS version installed.

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