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Watermark app for WP7: Watermark every masterpiece shot you take

You click a masterpiece with your mobile phone’s camera, upload to the web and it gets copied by millions of people – how many times this happened to you? You certainly can’t stop people from copying your masterpiece if you upload it to the web but what you can do is put a watermark on it. Which is generally some kind of pattern, or logo, or a text that is semi transparent. Putting watermark will not only let you identify your picture later or say later to everyone that you took that picture (proudly if it becomes hit) but you can also use watermark for advertising – may be your site name or company brand.

XDA member andre_alberto has come up with an app for Windows Phone which will save you from the trouble of copying the picture from your phone to PC and then put a watermark using a photo editing software. So, all the shots that you take from your Windows Phone can be easily watermarked before uploading to the web. Hit the source link to grab the .xap.

Via: XDA Portal
Source: XDA Forums