This will make a lot of devs happy. ExEn is a project by Andrew Russell that was community funded (so those that contribute get the benefits) that let you port XNA games to iOS and Silverlight and an Android port is going to follow shortly. And this will eventually become open-source. So a developer that writes an XNA game for Windows, Windows Phones or Xbox 360 can now port them to Silverlight (for the web) and iOS and again, Android is right behind.

This is big for a lot of developers. For those in the Windows ecosystem it makes developing in XNA a lot more attractive and developers that stay with XNA can still get their games into other markets without the need to leave XNA and that can help with retention. So it’s a win-win.

Devs, what are your thoughts?

Here are the complete details.


  1. If they finish Android as well, will make game creation much easier.

    XNA is top notch and iOS/Android is annoying at best, like having your cake and eating it!

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