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Pac-Man and Tower Bloxx:NY Xbox Live Games Available For WP7 Now

Marketplace just got two new additions with Pac-Man and Tower Bloxx:New York added to the Xbox Live games. Pac-Man is…wait you don’t know what Pac-Man is? Yes, it’s the classic game with flick to change directions as well as a new virtual analog mode for WP7. There’s a free trial and it’s available for $5 (really, $5 for Pac man?)

Tower Bloxx: New York is a balancing/speed game where you need to build towers as quick as you can without them falling over. They not that there’s a new Time Attack and Challenge modes added. It’s $3 with a trial mode. Is it me, or are those pixels pretty large for a WVGA display?  It does look fun though and I’ve been a fan of that genre of game in the past. Here’s a look at the Xbox trailer for Tower Bloxx (not the NY version though) to give you a sense of gameplay: