I’ve never been a fan of the Surface ads. If you want to sell a product that consumers aren’t familiar with then I don’t see how a bunch of dancing works. Well the critics have been heard and finally there’s a new Surface ad that talks about capabilities and actually describes the product…and it works. Check it out:

Here’s their description of the video:

Surface Imagine shows you a device that can finally do it all.  It has the power of  a laptop with the portability of a tablet.  It has a USB port and a click-in keyboard and the power to run Office.  Check out why Microsoft Surface lets you do so much more.


  1. The dancing ads were designed to attract attention. But a more informative ad like this should have followed closely behind. May be a little late though.

  2. almost perfect. I want to see other ads that also mention the sd card slot, and Multitasking (snapped mode).
    SD Card: Apple asks for 100$ for an additional 32 GB, while you can add 64GB to your Surface with only 35 $.
    Snapped Mode: who wants to have a messenger in full screen mode?

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