With Build about to get under way lots of news is going to start flooding in. There are screenshots of Win8 already starting to make the rounds as some attendees are using it. Along with that comes the hardware. Samsung was rumored to be providing a Win8 tablet for all attendees and that appears to be confirmed. Just take a look:

UPDATE: Here are the specs:11.6in PLS screen, 1366×768, Core i5, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, Wacom stylus, Bluetooth keyboard, dock, HDMI, USB2, Wi-Fi N, Bluetooth, 3G

And some video:

If this ends up falling into the same price point as a mobile OS then things are going to get really interesting…

via Microsoft-News


  1. Just like I thought, Samsung is making a major play in the tablet market and they are going to bring some goodness to the Win8 platform.

    The thing is touch-first plus comes with a stylus and a full allotment of connectivity options.

    Sign me up for one please!

  2. Yeah I can’t wait, this is going to be sweet. Not as sweet as all the thumbs down Doug Simmons is going to get on his comments but still sweet.

  3. There’s only one problem. It’s an x86 tablet with an Intel Core i5. So it has a fan, probably gets hot, and probably has shitty battery life. But it is a pre-release developer model, so maybe it’s understandable they would go this route. But I can’t imagine too much excitement over an x86 tablet.

  4. @Joe: Yes this is a dev unit basically. Microsoft wanted to make sure devs had powerful hardware to do whatever they wanted to do while building their apps. Pretty frickin’ sweet and smart.

    ARM based tablets will come along as retail units and those will be the ones where they will bein the iPad range of pricing. Thats when the competition starts.

  5. @Joe: @Murani Lewis: yeah and truhfully as much as people love ARM because it’s easy on batteries and whatnot in the end ARM may not be the answer because they are not as powerful as x86. The next set of x86 is optimized for tablets. They’re likely just underclocknig higher chips to let them sip power but remember there’s a huge spreed in speed between ARM and x86 still. I’d love a slim tablet for sitting at the couch but if I had to add .25″ to get x86 and the power that comes with it (and then dock it to a monitor and it be a ‘computer’ and all I’d probably get the more robust chip in the end.

  6. The problem is, even underclocked x86 chips still will be nowhere near as power friendly as ARM processors. I hope Intel has more than just x86 chips, or they’re are fighting losing battle. It’s why Windows needs to be on ARM, and they will. As for x86, I just don’t see it, unless Intel works some serious voodoo on it.

    Great looking tablet though. I’ve seen the vids and I want one.

  7. @Joe: The only drawback to the ARM tablets is you lose teh ability to run legacy apps. I’m not really sure how I feel about having a Windows 8 tablet without the power of Office coming along. Then again by next year Office365 should be good to go.

    Who runs a tablet for 6-10 hours straight? Only at work would I ever be on an electronic device that much. Thats why the whole battery thing is overplayed once you get to say 6hrs. Anything over 6 hours and you need to be on a faster plane or found some other form of entertainment.

    That being said, there is a certain appeal to having an actual computer that you can take with you. These type of devices where you undock your computer and work with bluetooth keyboards and mouse is where the future of PCs is heading. Microsoft is just leading the way. Now they need to tell a compelling story of how they are never away from all the programs that matter. The powerful Group Policy features in Win8 will be a big boon to their corporate efforts.

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