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First Images And Video Of Samsung’s Windows 8 Tablet Leak (With Specs and a Stylus)

With Build about to get under way lots of news is going to start flooding in. There are screenshots of Win8 already starting to make the rounds as some attendees are using it. Along with that comes the hardware. Samsung was rumored to be providing a Win8 tablet for all attendees and that appears to be confirmed. Just take a look:

UPDATE: Here are the specs:11.6in PLS screen, 1366×768, Core i5, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, Wacom stylus, Bluetooth keyboard, dock, HDMI, USB2, Wi-Fi N, Bluetooth, 3G

And some video:

If this ends up falling into the same price point as a mobile OS then things are going to get really interesting…

via Microsoft-News