“Introducing a whole new way to share your life through your photos. Easily browse your world on Flickr in stunning high-resolution display, upload your latest images on the go and stay connected with the people who matter most to you. With Flickr for Windows 7® and Windows Phone 7®, your photos are everywhere you are.”

“Our new applications bring the best of Flickr to your Windows 7 mobile devices. You can view your Flickr photos in stunning high-resolution display, browse through photostreams, sets and more with rich navigational features, share directly via email, twitter, facebook and upload directly from your device. You can also seamlessly transition from your Windows Phone 7 to Windows 7 tablet and back again without ever losing your place.”

Yup and they have a Flash video that I can’t embed to go along with it. We’ll tell you when it’s available.


  1. Windows 7 tablet? That’s bold. When is MS gonna realize they need a WinPhone tablet, not a full Windows tab? Ugh.

  2. @john:

    Why? I see a lot of people saying this but I don’t understand why. Who cares if it’s the full OS?

  3. As long as it does not cost an arm and a leg, can run ALL my desktop software, including WP7, without me spending another penny, starts up in less than two seconds and runs faster than my Windows Phone, don’t think anyone will care

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