I was really holding out hope that there was a second version with 32gb that was going to sneak in but so far it hasn’t. The Focus Flash and the Focus S are now live on AT&T’s website and the Focus S has 16gb of storage. Nothing else remarkable that I see.

Oh well…doesn’t really make or break the product but I’d pay the extra money for a 32gb version. You still in?


  1. I think it’s “break” for me.  I currently have a Focus with a 32 gig storage card – 40 gig total.  There’s no way I can go down to 16 gig!  I’m gonna have to wait for something else … nothing advertised is gonna work for me.

  2. What really sucks is Samsung will probably read all the user feedback and come out with a 32GB model in January, essentially sticking it to the early adopters. Of course it will remain a secret till the day AT&T updates their site.

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