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AT&T To Include WISPr and AT&T Address Book In WP7 NoDo Update

The LG Quantum and Samsung Focus are now confirmed as having completed the testing stage and have moved into the scheduling phase which means we’re close to getting an official NoDo update. We were initially told that part of the delay was because of “software supplied by companies that make the phone itself and the chips inside it.” They’ve now provided more information:

P.S. I forgot to mention the update we’ll be shipping to AT&T customers also includes support for two special AT&T features. The first is “WISPr” protocol support, which makes it possible for your phone’s data connection to automatically switch over to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots when in range. The update also includes support for AT&T Address Book.

First off, WISPr sounds pretty nifty so you can switch to AT&T wifi without doing anything, so that’s great. If you’re wondering what AT&T Address Book is, they state “Your contacts are automatically synchronized between your phone and online address book. Easily restore your contact information if you ever upgrade, damage, or lose your phone.” Uhm we have that already, but ok.

Long story short, the actual update is pushing more than just a NoDo update so in the end it seems like there was a reason for some additional time. Not sure that excuses all of the time, but still, it’s something.