Fox Five says iPhone 5 has holographic images and laser keyboard

Now its starting to make sense, I’ve had this question about the iPhone 5 and holographic images about 4 times the last two days. I really couldn’t understand where people was getting this information from, but, now I know. Fox Five and the madness continues! Watch the video below! 



source technobuffalo


  1. Ahh, laser keyboard. Another feature (gimmick) that was available on a PocketPC (or was it a Palm, don’t remember) nearly a decade ago, but Apple will claim it as their own innovation.

  2. Wow! POEPLE ARE STUPID!!!! I’m sorry for my harsh words, but I’m astounded at how gullible people are, and I’m even more shocked to find out that FOX News doesn’t fact check their stories, that is Journalism 101 right there. The supposed video showcasing “the new features” is nothing more than a concept desing, it says it so on the video if you find it on you tube. I guess the day of common sense, and good ol’ informative reading is gone. I think we gotta spend more money on the school system, and try to stop the moron pandemic that seems to sweep the nation.

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