Here is some free goodness from Handango to start our Holiday Weekend off right!

GpsSpot for Windows Mobile Touch Screen

Have you ever found yourself wandering around a mall parking lot trying to find your car? Wander no more with GpsSpot. GpsSpot is a simple to use app that utilizes the GPS functionality on your phone to point you in the right direction. Simply save your spot on your smartphone and GpsSpot’s user-friendly interface provides you with a direction and distance to help you get where you’re going quickly and easily. Never find yourself lost again! Download GpsSpot now by using 100% off code FAF702.

Features include:

  • Picture support for assigning images to saved spots
  • Display of distance, current altitude, and current speed
  • Support via a detailed help file
  • Language support for English, German, and Turkish

Head on over to Handango for more information and to download your copy FREE!



  1. Yeah, now I know that my house is 5,604 miles from the Great Pyramid of Giza. And at 67 feet above sea level, no flood insurance for this guy.

    Can’t wait to try it out on my next trip to the mall.

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