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The Latest and Greatest Cabs Are Here!

Looking for the latest versions of Opera, MP3Trimmer, Notification Enhancement, Menu Enhancement and Task Manager? Well thanks to You Know Who we have them here for you. These are made from files extracted from the leaked Tachi ROM. I’m sure you all remember the Tachi and the one huge advantage of files from the Tachi is that it is a VGA device so there’s no resizing necessary. It’s more a question of proper extraction and compiling and just the right man is on the case:)

So here are Opera 9.5 build 16070 (actually from the Blackstone and converted to VGA with AT&T settings added), Task Manager (2.1.37655.1), MP3Trimmer (1912.3729), Menu Enhancement (1.0.19133520.00) and Notification Enhancement (2.0.1914.1131). There’s also a cab for some shared files that are specially made to use with these files so you should install that as well. Notification Manager will only work on newer 6.5 ROMs.

As with all things that are the latest and greatest, if you’re a noob you may want to wait this round out until some testing has be done (just check back when the comments add up). For the rest of you, these have been tested by the man himself on a 6.5 ROM and they work as advertised. If you need to always update to the latest apps or if you were about to flash anyway this is a great time to update your apps. This is the first time these apps have been made available and they’re so new that they have not hit any forums yet. Oh and there’s more to come…great things take time:)

Of course all of us owe thanks to You Know Who who was spending a lot (a real lot) of time to get these cabs properly put together. Feel free to stand up and give a round of applause for all of this great work!:)

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