Got another game announcement for you, this is a free one called Egg Punch where you protect your bird’s egg from scheming rabbits. It’s supposedly similar to mini-golf and it’s a family-friendly game so everyone in the house can enjoy it!



Egg Punch, an adventurous 3D take on platforming and mini golf, has today launched on the Apple App Store as a free download. The debut iOS game from Copenhagen-based studio Pixel Juice, Egg Punch puts the player in the shell of a poor naked bird whose feathers have been stolen by mischievous rabbits! Forced back into the egg-shell, the player will aim and roll the egg through 54 levels of mini-golfing, feather-collecting, and rabbit-tackling fun. A new twist on a classic game that’s sure to delight mobile gamers of all ages, download Egg Punch for free today!

With wonderfully crafted 3D worlds, colorful graphics, cute characters, and engaging levels full of obstacles, Egg Punch is a game for the entire family to enjoy this holiday season. To learn more on just how rascally rabbits were able to steal the bird’s feathers and for a closer look at some of the intricate levels and courses in Egg Punch, check out the launch trailer at

Highlights of Egg Punch include:

• Protect your bird’s egg from scheming rabbits in Egg Punch – a family-friendly and adventurous take on mini golf where players must bounce off walls, tackle rabbits, and navigate fans and short cuts to complete each puzzling level.

• Complete each level in as few shots as possible to rack up the most points, then convert them to coins in the shop to add new abilities and stack the deck in your favor!

• Explore the courses and obstacles of six challenging worlds of nine levels each, all with their own theme and feel: Summer Garden, Castle Walls, Crooked Canyon, Carrot Curses, The Stronghold, El Dorado and more to come!

• With each level representing another whacky take on mini golf, are you up to the challenge of collecting enough feathers and coins to unlock and complete all 54 levels?

In the Shop – Use coins to load your arsenal with power-ups like the amazing shot boost, the hole seeker, and the feather magnet, or personalize your egg with cool eggshell designs.

Download Egg Punch for free today at

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  1. awesome game indeed…. One of the favorite game….. my to list game
    1 Egg punch
    2 heart smasher
    3Where is my water
    4 Angry pro (android)
    5 Match maker(android)

  2. “The power ups are always active once purchased, but it might be difficult to tell the difference if you only have the first level.

    Best regards,
    Morten Nielsen

    Pixel Juice ApS
    Administration | Bymarken 27 | 4130 Viby Sjælland | Denmark
    Production | Badstuestræde 1 | 3rd floor | 1209 Copenhagen | Denmark |  +45 60 83 85 00″

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