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T-mobile Sucks! Never Get Tmobile!!

In the past, I have always stood behind T-mobile and recommend tmobile to other people as a great company with great service but that is all going to change starting today.  I have been a tmobile business customer for about 5 years now (2 years before then left and came back and now I am on my 3rd year of a new contract). Anyways, when T mobile first introduced the touch pro 2 I upgraded my service right away. They very first day that the touch pro 2 came out I upgraded my line of service because I love windows mobile phones and this was the best phone at that time (I have two more lines and they did not upgrade because they are happy with their unlocked iPhones). So, I used my touch pro 2 for about 6 months or so and then started having problems with the device. I called tmobile and they sent me refurbished device as my replacement.

I got the replacement phone and it worked great for about 2 months and then that device started having problems too. So, I called tmobile again and got another refurbished device again as a replacement. As soon as I got the device I noticed there was something wrong with the hinges and the screen would not close properly as the hinges seemed too tight or something and I did not want to take any chance with having the hinges snap off and my warranty being void so I called tmobile again and this was withing 30 minutes of getting my 2nd replacement device. So they said ok they will ship me another one, my 3rd replacement device.

Details after the break.

So the third replacement device comes in and right way I notice it is an older version of the touch pro 2 because it did not have colorful send and recieve keys like my 2nd replacement and it still had 6.1 instead of 6.5 which tmobile released as an official upgrade. This really was not a problem but when I booted my phone I had signal issues I had 1 or 2 bars in my house and my old phone always had full bars (this probably a radio issue but tmobile agents are dumb) they told me it is a signal issue in my area and some other BS but I have two other devices in my house on tmobile network with full signal and I have another touch pro 2 right next to me with full signal. I did more testing of my own driving to different locations and checking signal and things like that and still had issues. Finally they said they will give me another device. Mind you this is my 3rd replacement in 90 days so I am eligible for a multiple warranty exchange program, which is basically a program where I can get a different device if I get 3 replacement devices of the same phone in 90 days.

So I asked what devices I could get and I was told the only other device I can get is a blackberry 9700 but I hate blackberries and I need windows mobile for some of their apps and for their functionality (by the way HD2 price and Touch pro 2 price are the same on T-mobile). So I asked for what windows mobile phone I can get and I was told HD2 is there but I pretty much have to pay full price for it and I would not get as my free replacement device. I argued a bit to try and get it and then said fine, I will take another touch pro 2 but I would like a brand new touch pro 2 please instead of a refurbished one and I was told that is not possible.

However, if I was to select a blackberry 9700 under the warranty replacement program I would get a brand new device sealed in a box but I could not get a brand new touch pro 2 even though i am eligible for the warranty exchange program. So, I was really upset about this issue and by this time I had already spent 4 hours with tmobile customer service and I was just pissed. I figured talking to customer service wont get me anywhere since they blindly follow their computer prompts. Next morning (today) I fired of an email to CEO of T-mobile Robert Dotson and also left him a voice mail and at about 5:30pm or so I get a call from customer service at the corporate office.

The lady basically states because i have had so many problems with the tocuh pro 2 i would not be able to get any touch pro 2 but in turn I can ONLY get a blackberry 9700. I have no options at all the only device I can get is a blackberry 9700 period but if i choose not to get a blackberry 9700 I would have to personally send my device to htc warranty on my own and have it repaired and be with out a phone for how ever long it takes for the repair and to bare all the expenses myself. So basically tmobile is downgrading my device even though i paid for a higher (touch pro 2) they are forcing me to downgrade to a blackberry 9700 and she said for instance if I had a problem with the blacberry 9700 and had gotten multiple replacements with the blackberry they would further continue to downgrade to me to some tmobile dash or something. (She did not specifically mention downgrading but it was implied because she said I would not get a touch pro 2 if I had problems with blackberry 9700 but if I had problems with the Touch pro 2 I am offered a blackberry 9700 which is basically a downgrade)

Usually companies upgrade a customer’s device to make sure it works for them on their network but never in 9 years of dealing with phone companies have I seen a company downgrade a customer’s device when I paid for a higher device. They wont even give me the SAME DEVICE that I had already paid for and I havent even had the phone for one year so the phone is still under warranty but according to tmobile I have only one choice for a device when I have problems with the crappy refurbished POS devices they send me and even the one option they give me is a downgrade of my current device but they claim is in the same category or tier as the touch pro 2.

So do not ever get tmobile service. I am sorry for doubting all of you that always hated tmobile and I am sorry I stuck by tmobile for so long and persuaded many of my freinds and collegues to sign up for tmobile. As soon as my contract expires I am getting out of tmobile and going to ATT and I will never sign another contract with tmobile and I strongly discourage anyone else that is thinking of signing a contract with tmobile. You are better off with another carrier. Maybe the recent Huffington Post article “10 brands that will dissapear in 2011” is accurate because it includes T-mobile. I would really love to see tmobile perish and burn!!!

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