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AT&T Is Blocking Facebook Lite

There are lots of ways to get FaceBook on your phone. As you all know, we have a dedicated app for it but if you want a different way to view it you can go to a few different sites on your phone. There’s,, (which replaced and You actually get different views and options depending on the version you go to (and the browser you are using). Iris used to bring up the iPhone page for example and some browsers will redirect from to the site. Facebook Lite ( has been getting a lot of news lately and is noted as being faster and better than the regular version. While that may be news to you, there’s even more news here. Turns out that AT&T is blocking you from accessing the site from your phone. Just try it – 404 error. OK, want to go to it? Two options- turn on wifi and bingo you’re there or disable the AT&T hidden proxy and bam…site loads. And yes, restore the proxy and 404 error comes back. Why is AT&T doing it? No idea [insert conspiracy theory here].

So the lines are open. Which version of Facebook is your favorite on your mobile and why is AT&T blocking

By the way, the XDA thread is here where they first made the correlation between carrier and Facebook lite.