As expected, Full House Poker is now available for Windows Phones for $3 with a free trial. This is a companion to the Xbox 360 version but of course, you can play it as a standalone. Here’s their description:

Stack your chips, put on your poker face and hit the table with Full House Poker, available anywhere on your Windows phone 7.

Test your Texas Hold ‘Em prowess in Standard Games and Tournaments against a variety of Full House Poker pros. Each pro has unique skills and weaknesses, so watch them closely to learn how to take them down. As you earn XP and level up, you’ll quickly unlock cool ways to customize your poker experience.

Reap the rewards of your poker player on both your Windows Phone 7 and your Xbox 360. Build up your bankroll on your phone, and you’ll have that stack of chips waiting for you the next time you play Full House Poker on your Xbox 360. Level up on your Xbox 360, and get the respect you’ve earned the next time you play on your phone. Levels, XP, chips, stats and unlockables are all shared across both devices.

It’s Full House Poker on your Windows Phone 7. So let’s deal the cards already!

Man, someone should have told them we just call it a Windows Phone to make it sound better.


  1. No multiplayer on the phone, no sale. I bought my phone because I mistakenly thought the xbox branding would mean superior gaming over other phones. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Oh well, got a 3 year contract so hopefully in time they’ll show me something.

  2. @theenforcer000:

    Out of curiosity, what do you mean by “superior gaming over other phones”?

    I think they are really banking on the xbox live stuff helping them win over the competition. Hopefully it will happen before your 3 years are up. =P

  3. “@theenforcer000:

    Out of curiosity, what do you mean by “superior gaming over other phones”?”

    I mean I expected the games on Windows Phone to be better than the games on Android and iOS. Better gameplay, graphics, and online support. You know, superior.

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