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AutoPanorama Does Easy (Free) Panoramic Photos For Windows Phones

AutoPanorama is in the Marketplace. It’s a free app that lets you take a picture and then on the side you see a ghost of a portion of the first photo so you can move the camera over and take the second photo, etc and create a panorama. If you used to use Windows Mobile it’s just like the HTC camera app used to work. I gave it a quick go and it’s simple to use. Just snap a few photos and it can save to camera roll. The one downside of this method is the area where the photos meet is usually noticeable (more so if the distance of the object to you is shorter and less if it’s far away) so it’s not quite Ice Cream Sandwich but it does work as expected.

The complete description is:

AutoPanorama is Finally on Windows Phone! Finally a panorama app for Windows Phone that stitches your photos together automatically. Now you can brag to your Android and iPhone buddies. You’ve got that app too!! No more taking photo after photo and aligning images manually. Capture your panoramic scenes much FASTER and EASIER!

1. Capture Your Images

2. Click Stop

3. Check Your Image and Save

4. Your Panorama Automatically Saves to Your Camera Roll

5. AutoFix, Upload to Facebook, or Share via Email/Text

Read the Help Section of the App for More Tips. Thats all there is to it! Please let us know how we can improve the app! Any Questions or Comments? Hit us up at:

You can check it out here. It’s free (ad based).