Another day and another bunch of high-end apps. The Lonely Planet Best In Travel 2011 app lets you get information and facts about places around the world. The Geico Glovebox app lets you get help, pay bills, view insurance info, rent a taxi and a host of other things right from your phone. And the USAA Mobile app lets you manage your finances, find an ATM, calculate loan payments and get accident assistance. And just to make sure we get our fun and games in the mix, A Beanstalk Tale is out. That’s the Doodle Jump type game that was for Zune originally. It looks really sharp and it’s just $.99.


  1. I hope you are going to compile a list or at least some way to reference all these applications that we cant yet buy, some could easily be forgotten and it would help a lot to find good software thats been out a while.

  2. @efjay: I thought once WP7 comes out it was a free for all:) Good idea. I guess I’ll ahve to dig through what I’ve posted about and just check what’s in marketplace now. If I can get it up to date then there’s only a few days to go to keep it current:)

  3. @David K:

    Yes, thanks that would be great. Even with just over 1200 items its going to be hard to get to the good stuff if we cant reference good reviews and the search is not really the best.

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