If you’re looking to get your hands on a TouchPad while they’re on fire sale don’t worry- HP will have more shortly. The reason is that a lot of retailers, including most BestBuy stores, sent their supplies back to HP and HP is going to sell them now. HP has confirmed that sales will resume this week and has a signup on their site. Expect a decent quantity but at this price they will still sell out very quickly. Also, if you get one expect to say “this can’t play Netflix?” and instead continue to play with your $100 Angry Birds tablet.

That was then corrected to “this week”.


  1. I think it’s me more than anything but I need a large monitor and a keyboard. Otherwise I’m fine using my phone. There’s only a small gap between those two uses that a tablet could fill and an extra device just for that isn’t life changing…Give my W8 with a sliding keyboard and I’ll be set.

  2. i jumped on early and got two. its always a tablet i loved and webos is extremely polished. it just costed too much to buy. and when you compare it with an ipad 2 or tab 10.1 you have to get one of those instead. if it was even $100 it would be worth the price. but hey, $99? ill take two! if synergy and the app catalog stop working in a year, itd still be worth the price. its still going to take two weeks to get here…

  3. @The Jack of Clubs:
    Congrats, you now have two $100 tablets to play Angry Birds with. Hopefully people at XDA will be able to port Android over so you will have two Angry Birds and YouTube players.

  4. well im really looking forward to my touchpads. the web browser is the best ive seen on a tablet and the flash playback has the highest framerate. it also plays hulu in browser because both the browser and flash version report back as desktop versions. it has native support for my dropbox account and gmail. skype video chat is excellent. and of course, angry birds. i really wish i could replace bing search and bing maps with google but oh well.

    i wanted to wait for a good android tablet instead for several reasons. between the two app stores/markets i have like 50 paid for apps that could have also worked on both my phone and tablet. i really wanted a tablet with swype because its so awesome on my phone. and android tablets are normally 16:9 rather than 4:3 making them alot better for movie watching. but hey, $99! and i love webos’s interface the best. its a shame hp ate up palm only to shit it out and flush it away. please please please someone buy webos!

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