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Google Now Updates

Google Now – 4.1+

I cannot begin to tell you how excited, as an Android user, I am with the new updates coming to Google Now! Google Now is the future of (mobile) computing giving you easy access to almost any feature of your device. Simply swipe from the bottom of the screen to launch Google Now and give it commands. I use Google Now on a Nexus 7 tablet and it is fast and accurate.

Google Now
Google Now

The interface is intuitive and elegant with a minimalist feel to it with a red microphone that orbs grey, the results are either spoken by a female voice or returned as a Google search complete with photos and/or videos. The most interesting feature of Google Now is the Artificially Intelligent information cards.

Google Now has over 20 different cards, with more to come. When you have an appointment, Google Now checks traffic so you can know how long it’ll take to get there. You even get a notification for when you should leave. You can have cards that keep you updated on your favorite sports teams in real time, with live scores and upcoming games. You can even by tickets to games or concerts based on your interest and in your area.

Now with more features including:

For Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean), Google Search is faster plus:
* Google Now works with Gmail (English only)
* Flights
* Restaurant reservations
* Hotel confirmations
* Events
* Packages
* New Now cards: nearby attractions & photo spots, movies opening in theaters, concerts & more
* New voice actions: launch apps, schedule meetings & check when your next appointment is
You can also turn off cards and alerts as desired as you have full control over Google Now.

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