Which means the Android Gingerbread SDK will likely hit in a matter of days with OTAs beginning a few days after that based on the timing of the Froyo statue (WP7’s release is not something you’d measure in days), and also based on Froyo, Gingerbread will not be a disappointment. No sir.

And further based on Froyo versus 2.1 versus 1.6 and 1.5, it may be adopted faster and more widely than the preceding updates.

The statue’s up baby.

Doug Simmons


  1. Hey Doug, I bet if you sent them a statue of you they’d prop that up too. You could send them all your posts to substitute for a cover letter.

  2. Wow! This little debate is spilling over into other posts. That odoriferous smell gracing your nostril cavities is the smell of rivalry. One that is probably going to get more interesting as opinions of mobile operating systems, proper use of its/it’s, and the appropriate number of commas per sentence clash in a battle of proportions only a niche tech blog could create!

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