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MiniTurbo T8 Android Tablet for Less than $150


Hmm.. an Android tablet for less than $150. Surprisingly it has decent specs, apparently this company called Idolian thinks Android tablets should be inexpensive, and I tend to agree with them. This new tablet is called the MiniTurbo T8 and it features a 1.2ghz CPU, a 7” capacitive touchscreen, 4gb of storage, HDMI output, front facing camera and battery life of 5-6 hours supposedly. For that price I’d be willing to give it a try…


The new MiniTurbo T8 comes with the same look and feel for the original TouchTab but with a number of improvements. The MiniTurbo T8 has a faster Telechips 1.2 Ghz CPU.  The higher processing power is more efficient which helps improve on the overall weight of the device.  The MiniTurbo T8 is 2/3 the weight of the original.   MiniTurbo T8 also comes with a front facing 2.0 megapixel camera for improved resolution.

Technical Details

Processor, Memory, and Motherboard

  • Hardware Platform: Android 2.3 OS (Gingerbread)

  • Processor: 1.2GHZ Telechips Cortex A8

  • RAM: 512 MB

  • Screen: 7" Capacitive 800×480 Resolution

Hard Drive & Storage

  • Size: 4 GB
  • External: Supports up to 16GB micro SD

Weight & Dimensions

  • Size (LWH): 7.5625 inches, 4.75 inches, 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.80 pounds

Product Details

Applications & Software

  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g
  • Micro USB: 2.0
  • HDMI Resolution: 1080P Output
  • Battery: 3600mAh (4-6 hours)
  • Multi-Touch & G-Sensor Technology