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Apple scores another patent victory Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Germany

court-judgeThe patent wars are very confusing and I think most people have had enough of it. The legal battles are taking place all over the world and some countries have even sided with Apple with one of their lawsuits brought against Samsung and the Galaxy Tab product line because of Apple claims is a product that “could be confusing to consumers”.

Last week Sammy pulled it’s 7.7 Galaxy Tab off of the IFA Conference display and has not received a Ban from Germany on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet as well. Europe has also been considering Apple’s suit and issued a temporary injunction against Samsung, as well as Apple going after Australia to do the same.

The German “Dusseldorf court on Aug. 9 granted Apple a preliminary sales ban in 26 of the 27 EU member countries, only to scale back its reach a week later over jurisdictional issues.” So for now Samsung can sell through the rest of the devices they have in Germany, but there will be no more shipments of Galaxy Tab 10.1 until Samsung can appeal or get the injunction lifted.






The German court basically said that it agreed with Apple that while Samsung did enough to make the back side of the Tab different from the iPad, it is the front side that is nearly identical. I have been thinking about this all morning and I am wondering what consumer is going to buy a 500-700 tablet on visual impulse? I don’t know of any tablet owner that did not in some way get educated first before making their purchase decision. Even if they decided based on using the device in the store they still knew the difference between the tablets and choose one on it’s merits. I think these lawsuits are frivolous and without merit.

So let’s ask the readers. Apple claims that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks so similar that it could confuse consumers Are you in any way confused about the difference between them where it would affect your purchase decision?.