Influenza_virus_2008765I’ve been waiting all day wondering whether or not to post this.  I was going to try and be patient so that Simmons could get a chance to defend his all might leaders but then I got bored, did some soul searching, and realized I didn’t care.  Plus he accepted the facebook friend request I sent him two years ago so he might at least be warming up to me.

Anyway, Android had to do something that just further solidifies it as an absolute crapfest of app review.  The absolute most downloaded and paid for app (3.99$ by the way) was an app that literally did nothing but change an icon color from red to green.    This, to me, is the beginning and not the end.  Upon the news media, and myself, blowing this way out of preportion and reporting that this 4$ app got downloaded 10,000 times for a total revenue of… mulitply… carry the idiocy… forty-freaking-thousand dollars all the other spam makers in the world just got huge hard ons for you Android users.

Now don’t get me wrong there is soon to be another fish in the barrel out there since XP is losing support.  All these guys are about to have a hypothetical egg spoon carrying field day with people that have more money than sense.  This kind of thing wouldn’t be worth doing if you click happy ludites could avoid clicking every box that pops up telling you that there is a virus in your preferred method of internet access and downloading the free scanning tools that require your bank account information, credit card numbers, childrens schedules and a  list of their biggest fears to do the actual removal of the 1.6 million viruses and spyware it found on your 8gb phone.

So you guys tell me: am I sensationalizing a story with little to no true merit (most likely) or is Android the new Windows (more sensationalism)?


  1. What do you care? If you used android you would have just pirated the app anyway… I’m glad you don’t. I do not respect your opinion on any subject. Doug would do well to block you from posting on this site.

    • Another page view, another unique visitor. Can’t get enough of my informative articles, can you? Luckily I don’t have to have your respect to have my opinion. Seems like Doug could use three or four more of me if I gets you participating on the site. I dare say the extra traffic I’ve garnered from you alone is worth me being around since he’s not paying me or anything. Being that I know Mr. Smith quite a bit better than you do, I also know he’s quite the fan of liberty and freedoms of things like speech. Lucky me to have found such agreeable company. Shame your tolerance and understanding of what makes this such a fine country seems to have lapsed into draconian censor of things you simply don’t agree with. Boo-fucking-hoo, buddy. You keep coming back to insult me and I’ll keep reaping the rewards of original content with reader engagement. While we’re at the game of telling each other what we don’t respect, I do not respect your horrible use of photo filters. I do however respect your right to disagree. Continue, good sir. I look forward to conversing with you in the future about other various subjects. That is, if you are able to articulate more complex ideas than your disapproval.


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