Microsoft’s Xbox has won a preliminary ruling from an ITC judge that clears them of violating a Google Motorola patent dealing with ”sensor controlled user interface for portable communication device”. This is the last patent (out of 4) that Google Motorola has in their patent case against Microsoft.

It looks for now that the 12.5 billion that Google paid out mostly to secure Motorola’s patent portfolio continues to pay little dividend in return.

Source: Foss Patents



  1. I never thought this was a good idea to begin with. They shouldn’t have actually purchased Motorola. Just sort of put it under googles shrinking wings of android influence. Samsung is running the android game more than Google has recently. It was a losing battle. Microsoft got it right with Nokia. Why pour that much money into a dying brand. Wait for them to go bankrupt if you want their patents. Now they’re stuck with this hardware business and they still haven’t put out a single thing to show for it all. Google is in deep and I dont see a whole lot coming from their foray in the deep end.

    • I see them eliminating the non-revenue services and consolidating services. I think they are circling the wagons and prioritizing what they do best. Nothing wrong with that but the moment they said there would be a wall between them and Motorola I knew things would not go smoothly.

      Just imagine the outcry if Microsoft bought Nokia and decided not to have Nokia produce their flagship phone. Stock prices would tank and they would be demanding Ballmer’s head.

  2. The problem with Motorola is exactly what made Nokia align with Microsoft instead of android… Way too much going on, and too difficult to get your devices to ‘stand out’.

    I guess not having a Motorola “nexus” device hasn’t helped things either.

    • Sean I don’t understand why they wouldn’t go with Motorola for their Nexus device. Android is a free and open source operating system so the other OEMs are free to produce whatever type of device they want. Add in the fact that Motorola Razr Maxx phones have such a large advantage in battery life that it seems a huge waste of resources and opportunity to do something else.

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