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Verizon and Microsoft Team Up For WP7 Giveaways

Looks like some deals over at Verizon to promote the HTC Trophy on Verizon. First up, if you buy one (for $150 with a new contract) you get a free Xbox 360 game (Kinect Sports, Lode Runner or Halo Reach). But even if you haven’t bought one they’re still running a contest for everyone to enter.

The Grand Prize

One, shall we say lucky, winner will receive an HTC Trophy, Xbox 360 console, 3 Xbox 360 games, 8000 Xbox LIVE Points, and a $125 Verizon Wireless gift card.

First Prize

Ten first place winners will receive 1600 Xbox LIVE Points

Just check out Verizon’s site to enter and for all of the details. Good to see Microsoft using its ecosystem a bit to promote their products.