Just a reminder that if you’re a new Nokia Lumia owner (in the US) and you need help getting your phone up and running, Nokia has a program called Smart Start for you. Just go to their website and sign up.  Here’s how they describe the service:

We know how excited you are to use your new Windows Phone, so we’ve made it super easy to get started with Nokia SmartStart, our complimentary setup service. With a little one-on-one help from our experts, you’ll have your new phone up and running in no time, at no extra cost, and ready to do all sorts of amazing stuff.


Just one more way that getting a Nokia Windows Phone is more than just specs. They’re standing behind their products, offering exclusive software and helping get you started. I like it.


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  2. how do i send pictures to facebook. what do i need to do to get wifi its ask for my my passcode where do i get from. thanks

  3. I am not sure how I hook up to the computer when it say’s add on hook up to the computer. Can you help me. when I got the phone I did not get a book or anything with it. It is a Lumia 3000. Thanks

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