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Angry Birds for the web is now live! Playable on any web browser

It’s the second day of Google I/O 2011 conference and some Angry Birds invaded it. Yes, we are indeed talking about the world’s most popular mobile game, Angry Birds, it’s now available on the web via Google Chrome. Although Angry Birds has been available on various platforms, web is the biggest of all of them. And so it deserves some new levels, perhaps some exclusive levels, right? The web version of Angry Birds has got a exclusive set of Chrome levels which features Chrome logo on the background clouds, flowers and Chrome bombs. Now you can play Angry Birds, while the people around you think that you are browsing some important stuffs on your computer.

Angry Birds on Chrome

And hey, don’t worry if you ever get disconnected from Internet. Thanks to Chrome’s cache, the entire game is available for offline playing.

Tip: If anyone says, “you need Google Chrome browser to install and play the game”, then it’s a lie. As long as you enter the correct url on any web browser, you can have all the fun. Installing the game via Chrome Web Store just places an app shortcut / bookmark of an url in the new tab of Google Chrome. So, fire up your favourite browser, enter this url: and you are good to go (for HD version just replace “sd” with “hd” at the end of the url.)

But remember, only Google Chrome user will have access to Mighty Eagle in-app purchase.