I never knew what a Twibbon was until now, but it’s just that image in the corner that can sit on top of your Twitter avatar/image. And there’s a WP7 Twibbon that’s making the rounds. Oh and don’t go around telling me about the Android Twibbon – this is a WP7 article;)

Anyway, I felt like sharing…


  1. whoa man…i didn’t realized i was reading mobility digest for the last few days. Has the page format changed or is it my imagination?

  2. the theme has entirely changed and there’s a mobile theme as well that works:) Like it? It’s a lot cleaner

  3. very nice guys!!! It’s a lot easier to read. For the last few days, I was like “I don’t remember subscribing to a new website…”

  4. we’re still fixing some things but tonight i’ll post on it…and by ‘we’ I mean Simmons and Smith and not me cause I don’t know what those guys are doing but they’re actually doing a good job :)

  5. might i just add since this seems to be the “general” comments section for the new layout. next and previous article links are missing on the article pages, i have to go back to the home page to read the next article… not very user friendly. and the remotedroid article has something seriously messed up with the code because the comment box and whatnot doesnt show up when i open that article… video isnt working either in that article…

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