Microsoft did the hard work for us. Here it is (more detail at MS’s page). The Dell and Samsung ‘phones’ are clearly best when not making calls because you only have a 3 hour talk time on them…wow.


  1. I must have the HD7! Seriously, is there anything other than the Dell that catches anyones interest other than it is WP7?

  2. I agree that the HD7 looks great but wont be leaving ATT. I think the samsung Focus is nice, and you cannot beat the beauty of that AMOLED screen

  3. My old Touch HD seriously needs to be updated and HD7 is the obvious choice. But I don’t like all the round edges on the HTC phones. I think I will like the LG Optimus and Samsung Omnia best.
    But having promised my family that they will all get a Windows Phone on the Danish launch day, I’ll buy 5 phones anyway, so I guess, that I’ll be playing around with some different devices. Hopefully soon….

  4. @3DPiper: That $199 is the 2-year cotnract price so I think that’s what you pay. So someone looknig to upgrade or signing a new contract get the same deal.

  5. I guess it’s the LG Quantum for me.. Coming from a 2+ year old broken Fuze, this will be a ‘Quantum’ leap..!

    Question: ATT said the phone will be $199 in November.. I’m due for an upgrade, does that mean I’ll pay $199, or will I get a deal since I’ve fulfilled my 2 year contract..?

  6. Thanks DavidK.. I guess this will be my Christmas present!

    I really like yall’s site, I check in every day..

  7. I am not impressed with the HTC offering coming to AT&T so I am going to be purchasing the Samsung Focus. I only hope that removing the MicroSD card and adding a bigger card works as speculated.

  8. @Mike V: I agree but here’s why they did it: to optimize performance. They wanted to take a chipset and make sure it was perfect. I get it but I’m also frustrated. But this is also why there’s no CDMA phones yet – different chip so they want to ensure optimization. They want the first gen to be smoking fast and not eat batteries and then they’ll move on and open the market to others. We know they are working with Qualcomm so the 1.2ghz chips have to be in their labs too…

  9. Not to be ungrateful, but why the hell are they using the first gen snapdragon cores when they could have used the newer A series that has such a better performance.
    or even the MSM7230 and 7630 series which will have a much much better power behind it.
    I’m sorry, but the current processors in these WP 7 phones are from Q4 2008. pretty much 2 years ago… that’s just awful

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