Freaking epic! Des Traynor of Intercom, a free CRM tool in public beta came up with this awesome chart that asks if it’s the name of a condom or Android device. Just check it out:


Now to be fair, the Titan is also a condom but still, looking at this list it’s just a question of time until Android and condom makes share an office to come up with new names.

via Business Insider


  1. Tom Lehrer: When correctly viewed, everything is lewd! I can tell you things about Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz! (There’s a dirty old man!)

  2. MartiM, I think I would like to hear about Peter Pan and The Wizard of OZ ;-)
    All I know about TWOZ is it is Awesome! With the Dark Side Of The Moon.
    Looking forward to a fun read.

  3. The rumor touch is also a phone, not android but still ;) also the carriers/manufacturers are in big part to thank for the names too :)

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