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Need Help With Your Love Life? Try the Romeo to Go App

If you’ve got problems on the love life front, somehow I don’t think an app is going to help. Then again if it’s that bad it’s worth a try right? The Romeo to Go App includes things like ideas for romantic settings and even conversation starters to get the old ball rolling as it were. This isn’t done by women it’s done by men and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing cause I know most men don’t have a clue about women ?!


For many men, romance is at best a distant concept like the makeup section of the grocery store and at worst it is a sign of weakness. They use up their best romantic ideas during courtship and then graduate to forgetting important dates in their relationship. At the same time, they know that their women need romance to thrive and romantic stories to tell their friends. Now, confidential help is available in the form of a free mobile app. Its called Romeo To Go and it is technology that supports men in their romantic pursuits.

Romeo To Go includes videos of firelight and candlelight as well as mood music by jazz pianist Stephen Page. App users can add their own videos and audios as well. These make it easy for men to take their wives to the park for a candlelight picnic or turn getting peanuts on an airplane into a romantic moment.

Sometimes men are stuck for what to say to their mate. Romeo To Go includes conversation starters as well as ideas for texting their special someone. It has ideas for what to write in greeting cards and there’s a list of supplies to have on hand as an emergency romance kit.

Finally, Romeo To Go has a free reminder service that gives men daily romantic ideas and also provides early warning of approaching important dates like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

"Most romance sites are written for women and they’re all about hearts and fluffy things" explains founder Tim Wilson. "We’re more about humor and the man’s point of view. We don’t try to tell men what to do. Instead, we offer simple ideas they can either use or ignore. Many of the ideas cost very little but go a long way in keeping the home fires burning."