It’s Friday, it’s Free, and it’s from Handango!

Is your smartphone running slow? Have your programs become unresponsive after your phone’s been running awhile? Then give your smartphone a boost, a memory boost! MemoryUp Professional Edition recovers memory leaks and prevents crashes resulting in a more reliable smartphone. Its powerful RAM boosting capabilities will keep your phone running fast and efficient! Download MemoryUp Professional-Mobile RAM Booster for FREE using 100% off code FAF625.

Features include:

  • Real-time live chart of total available memory
  • Set performance goals
  • Auto-boosting to reclaim unused memory
  • Smartphone Crash Protection
  • Available for BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile Touch Screen, Symbian

CLICK HERE and head on over to Handango to score your Free Friday App!


  1. Sorry Matt, ain’t gonna happen. We’re talking ’bout people here. Gadgets just don’t make for good reality TV.

  2. I dunno about this free app; I actually tried the demo maybe a year ago, and it didn’t do jack. There are really bad reviews out there on it if you search. I can’t complain about free, but it’s kind of weird that when you go through the purchasing process with handango, you get a message at the end that within 2 days the developer will send out the registration key. I’m still waiting, lol.

    A few weeks ago, there was a piano app that was the free one. I bought it, but it wouldn’t let me download it. I still can’t. Some of these free apps seem to be vaporware.

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