Wow! Now this is what I am talking about people! Handango as you all know gives away an app on Fridays and we, like everyone else throw it out there for you in case someone might be interested. But this Friday is a little different, if you have a Windows Mobile Device, you are interested in this! Handango is giving away Resco Photo Manager!

Check it:

Head over to Handango or CLICK HERE


  1. DAMN! Plus I got an email with 50% off my next resco app!

    The 50% discount code
    As a sign of apprectiation for your order(s), we are offering you a 50% discount code. The discount is valid during the next 30 days for the purchase of any of our applications. Simply select any application of your choice from, press “Add to Cart” and type xxxxxxxxx into the field with the title “Discount coupon:”.

  2. you entered your credit card info? sucker! enter the first 4 and last 4 digits (so it confirms the type of card) and make sure it’s the right number of digits…otherwise random info and random numbers and it worked.

  3. I can’t get to Handango form work, so I’ll have to wait until tonight.
    Hopefully I won’t forget, this looks like a good one!

  4. @FarTed. No, I got it last night when I checked my email. That’s why I posted in the forums just in case Doug was sleeping on the job, although I would think increasing post count would be a high priority.

    Been eyeing this app and was planning to pounce if I got a 50% off coupon from Hanango. Of course, FREE is always better. Also got the 50% off coupon from Resco, so I might not be through shopping just yet.

  5. Too bad I already have both Explorer 2010 and Photo Manager 2008. It’s a great deal though for anyone who hasn’t tried RESCO yet. Definitely do this one.

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