The WireFly HD2 deal we mentioned earlier is great at $99 for an HD2, but why stop there? I was reading this thread in the TMo Forums and there are some sick deals with Bing Cashback.  In the end, you can get $50 back from that Wirefly purchase and 35% off at (which makes the $450 contract free phone under $300 and ground shipping is free). Here’s all you need to do. Go to and login in (or signup if you don’t have an account). Then search for either T-Mobile or Wirefly depending on which deal you want. You must follow the link at the top of the page, right under the search bar and buy the product through the page that is launched. It takes you directly to the TMo or Wirefly sites, but the Bing cashback symbol appears. You’ll see that symbol at checkout as well. You should get the rebate within 60 days. If you have ad blocking on, it may block this ad so turn it off and cookies must be enabled. Does it work? I don’t know. It sounds like it does and I’m relying on it myself. I purchased an off-contract HD2 since the thought of that phone at $300 was too much to pass up. I believe that you must own the phone for 14 days before TMo will unlock it (because you can return it in that time period) and when you check out you are required to have a phone plan but it is listed as a month-to-month plan so I intend to cancel it as soon as the phone arrives. There are a few steps, but if you’re willing to take the risk like me then share your experience.

Again, this site is not guaranteeing that this works and we accept no responsibility, yadda yadda…


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  2. Why stop there?

    Getting the phone at $50 then canceling it will be another $200, so then you have the phone for $250.
    It will be unlocked, but you don’t have to wait for the money back and you can
    Is this correct?

  3. Scratch that, it’s actually $300 to cancel a contract with a smart phone I believe.

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