Ever find yourself staring down your coworkers from across the cubicle quad, wishing that you could tell them JUST how you feel via 6” of cold steel?… wait, no… wrong review.

Herm’s iGun for Windows Mobile 6.0(and up) and greater is great fun, has decent visuals and even better sounds.  You get to choose from a Golden Desert Eagle (.50 caliber) or the 9mm Pistol.  Naturally – being a fan/user of high powered guns and rifles – I prefer the Desert Eagle to the 9mm; it just sounds SO cool!

Use is simple.  Tap on the ‘grip’ to change magazines.  Tap on the slide to chamber the first round, and then tap on the trigger to shoot.  When you run out of ammo, the slide will lock back, you tap the grip to reload, tap the slide to chamber another round, and you continue on.

Check it out for yourself by heading over to Herm’s website HERE. The application is $.99

Tested on an HTC Fuze running NATF’s 4.7 Windows Mobile 6.1
Herm recommends 6.0 or higher, and the game is for VGA or WVGA screens.

Actual Screen Grabs:

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