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Strontium Intros High Capacity Gold Plated USB Drives

Hmm.. a gold USB drive, well it’s actually gold plated but still it looks nice, and it’s a decent price. I’ve personally never heard of Strontium before but they have some decent prices on their products and they seem to carry a lot of them, like Ram, SSDs, memory cards and other storage stuffs. The gold drive is available in capacities from 16gb up to 64gb with prices from $14 to $46 which isn’t bad for a 64gb drive. The prices aren’t for multiple quantities either, apparently they’re a rather new company that I think I’m going to keep an eye on…

Singapore based Strontium Technology launched premium solid metal USB drives called Ammo. The new Ammo USB Flash Drive with a shiny metallic lustre is available in gold and silver colour finish. The gold finish drive is actually plated with real 24 carat gold giving it a rich appearance.

Ammo Flash drive comes in a sturdy brushed metal casing with a sleek look keeping in mind the demands and requirements of discerning users who want a high quality and high class product. The sleek and robust design works not only with Windows platform desktop PC, notebook PCs and Apple iMac and MacBook as well. The highest quality NAND flash memory component used in the Ammo USB drives offer maximum reliability and sustained fast data transfer rates.

Strontium’s new Ammo USB 2.0 Gold plated Flash drive is available from 16GB to 64GB capacity and the Silver finish is available with five different memory storage capacities ranging from 4GB to 64GB.

Pricing and Availability:

Available at capacities ranging from 4GB-64GB, Strontium’s Ammo (Silver) Flash drives will be available at a retail price ranging from USD 4.50 to USD 38.00 while Ammo (Gold) Flash drives are available in the range of 16GB-64GB capacities is priced between USD 14.00 to USD 46.00 accompanied with a 5 year limited warranty. Besides being available with Strontium’s authorized distributors and e-retailers across the country, Ammo USB 2.0 Flash Drives are also available on Strontium website: