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FreedomPop is Live

I posted a long time ago, July 31st to be precise about FreedomPop and I just thought I’d let you know that sign-ups are now live! If you don’t remember what FreedomPop is, well it’s a portable hotspot essentially but it’s free. They’re only doing a limited number of sign-ups so hurry up and get in on it. Well technically it’s not free, but it is. They do require a deposit of either $49 or $99 depending on which device you get. Link is below, follow the prompts and see if it’s available in your area. I wonder if they’d send me one for review? One of those 4G hotspots would be cool!



FreedomPop is LIVE and we’re accepting a limited number of signups for our 100% free high speed Internet service during our beta period.

We’re only accepting a limited number of signups during our beta period, signup today before its too late!

Signup Here