So in the pursuit of journalistic integrity (I was wearing a suit and had just gotten a really nice haircut (yes, including a double dose shampoo massage) I dropped by a Verizon dealership on Madison and 43rd today and then AT&T’s flagship store in the JPMorgan building up another few blocks to ask, starting with the Verizon guy, even if after the first few weeks or the first month or so would Verizon still be going all-out on the iPhone or would they still be or revert to pushing Android hard in addition to selling iPhones? He said with confidence and an air of authority that they definitely would continue to be aggressive with pushing Android. He couldn’t have been clearer to me in that Verizon would not get [too] distracted from Android.

All right, good to hear, though I wasn’t picking up all the confidence he was laying down.

Then I went to AT&T, asked the most with-it salesmen I knew there if once the Verizon guys down Madison a few blocks started dishing out those iPhones would AT&T go all out with Android, Windows Phone, their iPhone or what. He said that they just got some Android devices. I told him I could see them in front of me but that AT&T’s supposed to get twenty Android devices this year according to their head guy at some big computer thing somewhere. He shrugged. I asked him if they’d at least ease up on the Blackberry Torch ads – No idea, they don’t tell us anything he said.

I’m getting the feeling that throwing those questions out here would yield more reliable results, so what do you all think? Got a guess from some broker or analyst at JPMorgan Chase (just a tad ironic as I was in their building) guessing that the pre-orders clocked in at around half a million in, if I’m reading this right, 17 hours of limited online availability. Verizon said that whatever it was it was undoubtedly a record. They’ll be selling on the 10th in 2000 stores.

DSC_0048-300x450Based on reading the logs odds are against this but you may recall my last article on this in which I expressed some trepidation over what this means for Android. This isn’t helping my anxiety, this pre-order stuff and my exchange with the AT&T guy who, and this is neither here nor there, didn’t exactly make a zealous effort to inform me about those exciting new Windows Phone phones two feet away from us.

You may have been thinking, So what, he went up to a phone salesman who didn’t know anything, wow, breaking news – but I’d say it’s worth putting here as in Manhattan that’s the AT&T store and this guy is the most aggressive and charismatic salesman yet he had no idea what time it was whereas the Verizon guy was cocksure. Now while I may have a hard time believing the Verizon guy, especially when reading these new numbers, that he was saying something he thought might reassure me in the first place, a possible Verizon / Android customer that he wanted to keep in place and playing for the red team, is yet another reminder, a little ball of anecdotal evidence for you, that Verizon knows how to move phones and not only that they probably know how to take fuller advantage of their retail men and women and that there is clearly a damn whole lot of demand for their iPhone.

The ball that is a stream of juiced up Android things will be yours soon AT&T, don’t screw it up. Damnit AT&T, c’mon.

The only people in the AT&T joint were five or six employees and my undercover ass, by the way. Verizon, packed.

Doug Simmons


  1. Doug…Doug. We have disagreed on many things in the past. No hard feelings however. Belly up to bar with us WP7 and Aria guys. There’s plenty of beer to cry in. I saw an article for the Atrix…I believe..on this site. I haven’t read it. So I don’t know when it comes out. Now that I think the Iphone is the only phone ATT has advertised ahead of time,lol. I’m talking about a month ahead. So if the Atrix is supposed to come out soon then they messed it up. At least when they get these 20 Android phones (I don’t remember Att releasing 20 phones period in year),they won’t have some goofy little ewok creature pitching them. WTF IS THAT!

  2. BTW, Doug, I think ATT is your second Android problem,lol. Google needs to cut SONY off completely. They have announced about six phones with exact same specs as the X10 my friend bought two months ago with version 1.6. Dude I would have bet my life savings on the Play being a hoax or a hack. You know how someone put a C64 in a gameboy case. The fake that such a cheap looking thing is real! Sony needs to be put down now. My friend was a lifelong Sony fan. The X10 swore him of Sony and Android.

  3. Bennyj bro I accept your invitation to dismiss any latent hard feelings. Thank you. That was a pleasant surprise, reading that. Thought I was going to need my flack jacket.

    As far as pulling up a chair to the AT&T bar, I’d kind of feel like the odd man out being a proud T-Mobile defector (did I mention that?), but I suppose we’d all, centered around AT&T, have a few good laughs to enjoy, me with my tests, midtown Manhattan AT&T scoring zero kilobits per any unit of time, you and me about what’s up with this Atrix superphone not hitting right now but somewhere down the road, you (with me listening) about Sony (I should probably read up on that) … sounds like good times.

    You know those tiny thumbnails are clickable right?

  4. Can I join the AT&T pity party?? They get sooo close to a good thing; and then blow it. Look at the forthcoming HTC Inspire for instance. The chassis sure isn’t new… ala HD2, HD7, Sprint Evo…..and ahheemmm Verizon Thunderboldt. I mean really what’s the biggest difference between the Inspire and the Thunderboldt (aside from the obvious GSM v. CDMA)? Its a front facing camera!! Why couldn’t they just add the one little bit??

    I know the Atrix will be sporting one…but I’ve kind of become partial to HTC. I guess because of all the support over on XDA. At any rate, I’ll be holding on to my HD2 until at least October when my contract is up for renewal. Let’s see what AT&T has in store for the 18 remaining Android phones that they’re suppose to release this year.

    Oh yea….most of the AT&T sales people around this area are clueless about anything beyond what they have on display….and even then?!?!?

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