Discuss amongst yourselves. I don’t care what the specs are. The OS can’t justify  $1300+. That’s why Ubantu isn’t flying off the shelves. This product makes no sense…you can’t mix high end  hardware with a low end OS.

It’s like taking the engine from a Honda and putting it in a Porsche and trying to sell it at the price of a Porsche.


  1. Well in today’s world its not about what it can do but how and who is selling a product and because its from google it will sell like crazy and be hailed as the death of Windows on sites like engadget, gizmodo and The Verge.

  2. I really don’t know what the chrom OS is. I keep reading that it’s a incredibly limited web-based “os”.
    But with that said, this shit here makes NO sense.

    I eagerly await the opinions of the insane folks who had negative things to say about the Surface Pro.

    • You got it. It is an OS that is nothing but a browser. Boots to Chrome and that is all it does. Yes you can pin things so it feels like a desktop and it has some appy things but it is generally Chrome but actually lacks some plugins. It sucks. It is useful to browse the web and if it were free you would use it but it will never replace a computer or even any tablet. It can’t compete with Android in fact. The whole thing boggles my mind that they’re still going forward with this…

      • Google has balls. Big, huge, multi-colored, shiney, brass balls.
        If MS put something like this the internet would damn near be shut down with all the traffic of people willing to poo on their parade.

      • Read the verge article I linked in the post. They didn’t talk glowingly over this thing and the comments to it downright mock it.

  3. I’ve actually never paid much attention to Chrome (OS). It sounds like basically you’re saying it’s a one-trick pony?

    My sister’s description of Jacksonville: Calling Jacksonville a “big city” is like putting a tuxedo on a redneck and calling him a gentleman. It sounds like that’s what Google is doing to its Chrome notebooks…

  4. Okay – try this on for size:

    The other tech-minded person in my office & I were talking about the Pixel before lunch. After reading this, I talked with him again. I said, it’s basically a high-specked device running a browser. What’s the use?
    His immediate response was, “What does the non-tech person do? Surfs the web. Maybe email, which can be done through web clients.” I said, “Okay, games too, though.” He countered, “Media streaming. Steam for games.”

    So if “everything is going cloud,” as so many pundits are saying (and we’re seeing in multiple software companies), THEN Chrome on high-end components makes sense?

    We’re both still of the opinion that the price point is too high, but he maintains that 1) they’re after the early adopter, Google fans and 2) this could be the future of cloud computing devices.

    Me, I’m not yet convinced, and I think the price is way too high. At that price, I’d start saving for a VIAO…

    • Tell your tech-minded person in the office that the non-tech person buys an ipad to surf and email. Heck they buy a Kindle Fire HD or Galaxy Tab to do that.

      You can just surf the web and check email on a sub $500 laptop and it’ll run great if those are your only activities. Even people heavily invested in Google services have no legitimate reason to pony up for the Pixie.

  5. Google is trying to disown Android it seems.
    1. It seems most of the non-techies know Samsung Galaxy or some Samsung phone (powered by Android), but not Google. They know only Google means internet search. If you are Verizon, then you know is only Droid. Either Carrier or ODM has more control and representation over Android than Google.

    2. They are pushing ChromeOS because that puts OEMs not branding the OS, similar to Microsoft and OEMs relationship with Windows and Windows RT systems.

  6. >>It’s like taking the engine from a Honda and putting it in a Porsche and trying to sell it at the price of a Porsche.

    At least with Honda engine, you could drive wherever you want to go to, but with Crimebook Pixel, all you could do is just surf and feed information back to Google to sell it to their real customers.

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