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Offline Voice Commanding for Android

Something impressive is brewing in XDA (as usual), basic voice recognition that does not require you to be online in order to relay your speech and its transcription to and from Google in order to do whatever you tell it to do. I’m struggling to come up with many scenarios in which you’d want to be able to command your phone to do certain things offline, can’t really call anyone without a signal, and though I suppose depending on the signal and how long your command is the turnaround time on the recognition of this could be better, Google’s always going to be better at accurate recognition through that cloud of theirs.

At the moment it’s a zip you need to flash with root. Two developers here, 89luca89 who cooked the core of this up somehow and nitro-ale who’s been making it compatible on all devices and is also working to make an APK (possibly not requiring root) out of it with a bluetooth trigger, but this is impressive enough, a couple XDA guys cooking up an offline voice recognition thing possibly from scratch, to hit you with now and not wait for it to mature further. Maybe some of you could offer up a suggestion — here’s the thread.

Or you could just get an iPhone.

Doug Simmons