Now that I’ve got a Focus in hand I can tell you I already learned a lesson in how to install a micrSD card in the phone. See, I figured I’d drop the card in before the first use, boot it up and voila. But nothing. Soft reset…nothing…soft reset…nothing. 4 resets and nothing even though I tried to unseat the card a few times. Good news was that the boot time is crazy fast. Anyway, I bit the bullet and looked at the manual. It’s page 1 “Insert memory card (not included). Turn off the phone and insert your memory card as shown below. Press Volume Control Down + Camera key + Power key to format the phone and initialize the memory card. WARNING: Do not remove the memory card once it is inserted because it is integrated with the phone’s memory and will cause the phone to be inoperable.”

So I followed their instructions and it worked. Man, needing to use a manual…that hurt.  Good news is that I won’t have to do that again.


  1. On my Focus that I got this morning, all I did was to go to Settings > About > then selected “Reset Phone” (something like that) and it did a hard reset and it found my SD card…. very quick and easy.

  2. apparently certain memory cards act differently in the focus. AT&T has actually sent out a memo to all employees saying that they cannot sell memory cards for the focus because they do not stock the “correct” kind. not sure what the hell that means but there is def something funny about the focus’s expandable memory

  3. in the picture it says “it will make your phone and memory card unusable” does this mean that the card needs to be formatted before you can access it in a computer? David, maybe your idea of sticking that card into your computer is not going to work out..

  4. yeah, the way the “married” memory works is that you have to reformat the card while its INSIDE of your phone. this will delete all previous data from the card so make sure you back up the card to your computer first. once you format or “marry” the card to the phone that card becomes an extension of the phones main memory. i think the reason why WP is doing this is because it eliminates that whole “store it to your sd but run it from the phone” issues people and OS’s have been having. probably alot friendlier for dev’s, downside of course is no hotswapping memory or moving files to the computer via just the memory card.

  5. Can’t wait for details about what the “correct” memory card will be. I’ve got a 16GB microSD in mine right now – no problems so far, but who knows if it’s even started to use that memory yet. And yeah – the “About” screen has a hard reset button. That’s easier than the steps you took, but I imagine if the phone is really gone, the hardware keys become more necessary.

  6. If it worked for you, please post the card model e.g. Sandisk 16GB class 2.

    It didn’t work for me. I used a Kingston 16GB class 10 microSD card. Only 8 of the 16GB were recognized. I have seen other reports of the same problem with this specific card. The card, of course, works fine in my PC.

  7. I am currently using a SanDisk 32GB Class 2 and it sees all of the space! When I made the purchase (of the MicroSD Card) I was deciding between this one and the Kingston 32GB Class 4. I went with the SanDisk one because it is a very common brand name… plus they normally have the actually speeds higher than a typical Class 2. Anyway… I hope this helps.

  8. I posted earlier that my Kingston 16GB class 10 card failed. I just got a much cheaper 16GB Sandisk class 2 card that worked. I have seen reports of some class 6 cards working and some not. So this seems like a complex issue. On a practical note, I haven’t seen any reports of issues with Sandisk cards. In particular, people seem happy with their Sandisk 32GB microSDHC cards. I’m not trying to advertise for Sandisk, just trying to be helpful.

  9. @Ross: my kingston class 4 32g is working fine but I should load a lot more onto it before saying it’s good…tonight I’ll through double digit gigs at it to see where it goes.

  10. One more data point — I saw instability even with a microSDHC card that appeared to be working. I first posted that my Kingston 16GB class 10 card didn’t work (only 8GB recognized). I then posted that my Sandisk class 2 16GB card worked. However over the next two days, I experienced surprising instability e.g. the phone rebooting itself several times per day. For the last two days I have been running without a microSD card and the spontaneous reboots have gone away. Other people may be having better experiences with their cards. But for the moment, I’ll live with less sync’ed music to get better stability. If the spontaneous reboots come back, I’ll post again.

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