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How To Install A Memory Card On The Focus

Now that I’ve got a Focus in hand I can tell you I already learned a lesson in how to install a micrSD card in the phone. See, I figured I’d drop the card in before the first use, boot it up and voila. But nothing. Soft reset…nothing…soft reset…nothing. 4 resets and nothing even though I tried to unseat the card a few times. Good news was that the boot time is crazy fast. Anyway, I bit the bullet and looked at the manual. It’s page 1 “Insert memory card (not included). Turn off the phone and insert your memory card as shown below. Press Volume Control Down + Camera key + Power key to format the phone and initialize the memory card. WARNING: Do not remove the memory card once it is inserted because it is integrated with the phone’s memory and will cause the phone to be inoperable.”

So I followed their instructions and it worked. Man, needing to use a manual…that hurt.  Good news is that I won’t have to do that again.